Stainless Steel Standalone Proximity Reader
Stainless Steel Standalone Proximity Reader Standalone Door Access System FALCO VAULT Door Access AND VMS System Kuala Lumpur (KL), Malaysia, Selangor, Damansara Supplier, Supply, Supplies, Installation | Vema Technology Plt
  • Waferproof proximity reader with #304 stainless steel panel and luminous buttons which glow .
  • Embedded type of installation to prevent rough surface of the wall which may cause damage to the unit.
  • Anti-duress function available and user is able to enter specific password to send help signal.  
  • 8 sets of door open password available to set.
  • Panel's red LED indicator, POWER light and luminous buttons are on with one beep sound when it is installed and power is on.
  • Anti-tamper function available and alarm will activate when the unit is moved or tampered with force.
  • Single card proximity entry, single card number entry, or batch entry and cards are able to issue in advance.
  • Add new or delete specific card.
  • Special memory to prevent loss of data when power cut occurred.
  • Door open time (01~98 sec). 99 sec. as normal setting for security setting or releasing. 00 sec. as instant trigger time.
  • Maximum capacity of 1000 cards (8-digit card number).
  • 5 door open methods: Password entry, proximity and password entry, password or proximity entry, and special system password entry.
  • Power consumption: Stand-by130mA; Operation 150mA
  • Maximum proximity distance: 15cm(125KHz), 5cm(13.56MHz) (depending on types of card)
  • Frequency: 125KHz or 13.56MHz. Power supply: 12VDC ±10%
  • Dimension�F86(L) X 86(W) X 30.8(H)mm
  • Weight:135g
  • Certification: CE

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